The Deathly Hallows REVIEW

And so begin my constant attempts to get tickets for the play in London…

I’ve only gone and bloody followed through with something! I set out to read the Harry Potter series back in May and now I’ve finished and I can finally see why this series has had everyone and their mum’s talking about it. The Deathly Hallows gave me the awesome conclusion I wanted after a surprisingly slow build-up – it’s not been without faults, but dang Voldemort sure is one of the best villains I’ve ever come across. AND NEVILLE DIDN’T DIE SO I’M REALLY BLOODY HAPPY ABOUT THAT, TOO.

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The Half-Blood Prince REVIEW

So Sirius really is Siriusly dead? Nooooo….

This book had the best opening so far, but didn’t quite deliver what I expected it to. I still enjoyed it, and can’t wait to see how everything pans out, but I would have liked to focus on things other than love potions and Draco for huge chunks of the Half-Blood Prince. That doesn’t take away how awesome the Voldemort memories were though!

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The Prisoner of Azkaban REVIEW

Also known as ‘that one Harry Potter book with all of the animals in it.’

I’ve finished the third Harry Potter book, and oh my gosh – interesting new characters, a convict on the loose, time travel… This was the best entry in the series yet! Starting to think I may have been wrong about Salazar Slytherin being a major villain though…


The Prisoner of Alcatraz- I mean, Azkaban, introduced some amazing new concepts – The boggart was fantastic, turning into people’s worst fears. I wonder what shape one would take in front of me? Probably a massive pigeon.

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