The Half-Blood Prince REVIEW

So Sirius really is Siriusly dead? Nooooo….


This book had the best opening so far, but didn’t quite deliver what I expected it to. I still enjoyed it, and can’t wait to see how everything pans out, but I would have liked to focus on things other than love potions and Draco for huge chunks of the Half-Blood Prince. That doesn’t take away how awesome the Voldemort memories were though!

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The Order of the Phoenix REVIEW

Turns out Harry is mentally connected to Voldemort. So that’s why he’s been craving all that bacon…

I know, I know: it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I don’t suddenly hate the series, I promise. Turns out moving house gets in the way of writing. But I’ve finished the Order of the Phoenix, and in between an awesome villain, great new locations like the Ministry of Magic, cool new creatures (I love Thestrals!) and some epic scenes, I think this was my favourite book behind the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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The Goblet of Fire REVIEW

Give me the Triwizard Tournament over Eurovision any day.

I’ve come to the end of Book 4 of the Harry Potter series. Despite too many shady new characters and a rather painful middle section, the introduction and conclusion were absolute highlights of the entire series for me and made it all worth it! AND I LOVE CEDRIC DIGGORY!


Turning the first page and seeing ‘Chapter One: The Riddle House’ made me internally exclaim YAAASSSS! I loved that we immediately got to see the consequences of Peter Pettigrew escaping, and was so happy to not be reading another Dursley-Household story right away. It was the best opening yet, even if Voldermort was basically a wet piece of scrambled egg sitting in a chair and barking orders. Truly intimidating. (Also, totally expected Nagini to be a cow when Voldy mentioned milking him. In hindsight, a snake is maybe a more appropriate pet for the Dark Lord). Continue reading “The Goblet of Fire REVIEW”

The Prisoner of Azkaban REVIEW

Also known as ‘that one Harry Potter book with all of the animals in it.’

I’ve finished the third Harry Potter book, and oh my gosh – interesting new characters, a convict on the loose, time travel… This was the best entry in the series yet! Starting to think I may have been wrong about Salazar Slytherin being a major villain though…


The Prisoner of Alcatraz- I mean, Azkaban, introduced some amazing new concepts – The boggart was fantastic, turning into people’s worst fears. I wonder what shape one would take in front of me? Probably a massive pigeon.

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The Chamber of Secrets REVIEW

Now eagerly awaiting the storyline in book 3 where Fawkes the Phoenix accidentally burns down Hogwarts.

I’ve stuck to my challenge and read book two of the Harry Potter series! After The Philosopher’s Stone, I was left wanting a bit more of the gritty stuff, and more of an exciting conclusion. Despite readers telling me to be wary of the Chamber of Secrets, I found this book gave me just what I wanted! I suppose I went into it with low expectations, but maybe that’s the best way to go in to any story.


Before starting book two I paid a visit to Edinburgh, and my boyfriend (who owns two wands and probably a secret cloak that I don’t know about) took great pleasure in showing me the café where Rowling started writing the series, and the cemetery where she apparently got inspiration for character names. Look, it’s Voldemort’s grave!

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I read The Philosopher’s Stone! REVIEW

I already want my very own Mirror of Erised. Though honestly it would just show me surrounded by an awful lot of burritos.

Last month I challenged myself to set up a blog and start reading more. I’ve started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first book in a series that pretty much passed me by. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the films but, for the most part, I am relatively unspoiled. A muggle, if you will! (I know I’m using the word wrong, let me be).


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I Want To Read More – A Challenge

I like to think I like to read. But I’m one of those people who says, ‘I love to read!’ and the only thing I read besides the Internet is the takeaway menu. Unfortunately there’s no exciting character progression between the chicken chow mein and the £5.99 price tag. No plot twists aside from the total cost. I want to read stories, and I’m hoping this blog is going to help me do it. Continue reading “I Want To Read More – A Challenge”