What Final Fantasy X could have been – tattoo systems, links to FF VIII, and terrifying hippos

Final Fantasy X released way back in 2001 (Holy shit has it really been that long) but has seen pretty consistent attention from Square Enix over the years with sequels, ports, remasters, accompaniment material, and most recently a version of the game’s Ultimania book translated for Western audiences. I’ve been looking through this book and collected some of the most interesting pieces of trivia and developmental information together in this post to imagine what could have been.

This early concept art shows us a villain who is giving me some serious FF II Emperor vibes

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The 5 best video games of the decade (feat. recency bias)

I can’t let 2019 end without jotting down my thoughts on my own personal favourite games of the last decade. Yes, obviously this list heavily favourites the latter half of the decade and I admit there’s probably a fair bit of recency bias at play. But I also think it’s just a fact that games have gotten better in recent years as more developers try to push the boundaries of what people think video games are capable of. Here are five of my favourites of this decade. Continue reading “The 5 best video games of the decade (feat. recency bias)”

Hands-on: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


Thanks to the team over at NovaCrystallis.com, last December I had the chance to play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT at the Square Enix Offices before it was released for the PS4 in January this year.

I wrote about my early impressions of the game on their site, and you can check out that article by clicking here.


The SNES Classic is the best gift you could get any gamer


Now the SNES Classic has been out for a week, I’ve had enough time to discover, and rediscover, an assortment of old titles. Yes, it’s every bit as fun as you’ve heard and this little console will be the perfect Christmas gift for any video gaming fan, whether they have a soft spot for retro titles or not. But beyond anything else, this last week has reminded me how unforgiving 90s games were. The haunted mansion levels of Super Mario are an absolute chore; Baby Mario getting seperated from Yoshi every five seconds is just painful; and do not even get me started on Donkey Kong Country. I’m halfway through a co-operative playthrough with my flatmate and I think I’m getting a sore throat after shouting so much over every mistimed jump. But all of this challenge makes it so much more rewarding when you finally do make it over the obstacles. These games all have so much charm, and it’s hard to believe just how old games like A Link To The Past and Yoshi’s Island are when they still look so good over twenty years later. Continue reading “The SNES Classic is the best gift you could get any gamer”

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: 5 Characters I want to see

The Closed Beta is here, and in-between getting my ass handed to me online, I’ve found time to think about who I want to see in the final product…

Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NTThe closed beta of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT arrived a few days ago, with fan reaction to some of the gameplay changes from Dissidia 012 being less than stellar – it certainly takes some getting used to the way 3v3 changes the gameplay.

But it’s extremely early days, and a lot can change before the game officially releases in early 2018. I am hoping for a less cluttered HUD (Does the map need to be that big?), better/faster matchmaking, and much more customisation. The introduction of a full 1v1 local/online mode would be amazing. I’m also curious how the single player campaign will play, though I don’t think many of us are too bothered about an in-depth storyline when it comes to a fighting game based around Final Fantasy characters.

I thought I’d use this post to focus on five characters I would love to see in the final release of Dissidia NT. The entire roster of 012 is already confirmed to be returning, and Noctis from XV is obviously going to be a newcomer. So who else would be great to see? Continue reading “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: 5 Characters I want to see”