BREAKING BAD: Season 2 thoughts from a new viewer. A strong start that faltered at the last huddle.

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Bloody Hell, how fast does this show move?! In my last post I guessed this season would slowly chronicle Walt & Jesse becoming the ‘new’ Tuco… And that had already happened by episode 5. I was also expecting us to see a remission storyline close to the end of the show, but then – boop – there it is in the second season! I couldn’t believe how quickly they kept things moving, which was nice for pacing as it kept things consistently interesting.

Some highlights this season include the sheer amount of tension they managed to pull off throughout – especially any scene involving Tuco’s father. How did a character who can’t do anything else but ring a bell become so damn suspenseful?! He was fantastic.

Looking back, as much as I hated watching it, Walt forcing Walter Jr. (Sorry, ‘Flynn’) to drink tequila at the house-party was some amazing television. I can’t think of many other shows where I’ve loathed the main character so much – especially in this scene. He’s just such an awful person – we are meant to hate him, right…? Surely no one watching this was actually rooting for Walter in this season?! This hatred is probably made worse because of how much I love Walter Jr.

I find Breaking Bad to be a unique case where, as interesting as it can be seeing the main character be a dick, I’m much more invested in seeing things happen to supporting characters I actually like – at this point, it’s Walter’s effect on the rest of the cast that has me watching, rather than Walter himself. Ugh, I hate him!

But let’s talk about someone I only want the best for… Jesse’s high point this season was definitely the time he spent with the meth-heads trying to get his money from them. Those were SUCH attention-grabbing scenes – funny, addictive, gripping… and the ATM-machine-head-crushing death completely stunned me. It was amazing television, and also made me like Jesse even more when he took the young kid out of the house and saved him from witnessing something that would pretty much mess him up for life. Thanks to this Jesse is by far the more likeable character in the show compared to Walter, and I feel like he might eventually realize just how evil Walt is becoming and turn on him, perhaps? That would be a storyline I’d love to see!

patrick rooting
Me to Jesse, always. Please make good decisions in Season 3.

Unfortunately, after having such fantastic scenes early on in the season, Jesse’s storyline took a huge nosedive directly afterwards. I did not enjoy the Jane storyline whatsoever – she seemed weak as a character and honestly felt about as threatening as a fried egg. She reminded me of a much weaker Lila from Dexter (Dexter had it’s own set of issues as a show, but Lila was a fantastic female character who you loved to hate).

I was happy when Walt let Jane die without helping her. I’m so glad they didn’t drag out her storyline any more – I was worried she was going to run away with the money and we’d spend a whole set of episodes tracking her down. Also, when Jesse found out she had died and he started crying and saying he loved her… Erm… Did he even know her that well at all?! Major eyeroll moment. I’m unsure if this is just because I’ve been binging the episodes rather than waiting a week between each, but they really didn’t seem to have any kind of serious connection whatsoever. I hope he doesn’t stay hung up on her next season… Jesse started off GREAT in Season 2 and then became a real bore to watch.

Another character I loved this season, MUCH to my surprise, was Skyler! After hating how controlling she was in Season 1, my perspective of her did a complete U-turn this season as I felt more and more empathetic towards her. You do you Skyler – have an affair with your boss, get your own life, leave Walt and raise this baby independently YES!! It was so satisfying watching her piece together things Walt was lying about and seeing her take control. She wasn’t naively stupid, she was genuinely smart this season and I loved watching it.

I ESPECIALLY loved the thing with Walt having a secret second phone. I’ve been taking notes on my phone as I watch each episode, and you can see how tense & excited I was when Walt spoke about his second cell under anaesthetic just from the typo in my notes at this point: “oh my god he’s asked which phone before his operation omg SKYLWR ONOWS SHE KNWS ABOUT SECND PHONE!!”

dog say waht
Skyler when Walt mentions his second phone

…Yeah, I really wanted her to figure everything out.

My theory about Skyler’s baby not being born didn’t turn out, so now we’ve got a baby in the mix for seasons 3 and beyond! I’m wondering just how much of an impact that’s going to have on storylines… I would say maybe Skyler’s going to leave Walt permanently, but let’s be real, they’ll end up back together, I’m calling it now!

I have to briefly mention Saul – I know there’s a spinoff show called Better Call Saul, and throughout this season I kept thinking, “How does this man get his own spin-off show…?” He seems so… Inconsequential? I’m assuming his role surely gets much bigger as the show progresses. In fact, new theory as I type this out – does Walt or Jesse (More likely Jesse) eventually face trial for what they’re doing and Saul has to defend them?! That could be interesting… Hmm… I’m wondering if I’ve guessed a plotline for the last season, there.

Lastly, I need to mention the plane crash at the end of the season… WHAT a let down! I’m really curious what other viewers thought to that twist back when the show aired. I get that it’s showing off the butterfly affect – Walt watched Jane die when he could have helped, which screwed up Jane’s father, which made him screw up at work and cause the plane crash. But… What impact does that have on our characters? To spend the entire season teasing a big disaster only to have it be a random plane crash felt a little… lacklustre, and took all the steam out of the finale for me. I think particularly because they kept showing the two body-bags over the course of the season, and I had written down theories of who it was (I assumed two drug addicts were going to attack Walter at home and he was going to be forced to kill them in his own house). I had all these expectations for an explosive finale, and whilst it was clearly an explosive end, it doesn’t really affect any of our characters in any way, does it…? Unless we have to go through a whole storyline of Walter feeling guilty that he indirectly caused a plane crash… but I just don’t see that happening.

Sums up my reaction when the plane crash happened

So… The show has pretty much already covered everything I thought would take the entire series to play out… What do I think will happen next? After my predictions for the entire show have mostly happened already… here’s some more quick-fire theories/thoughts:

  • Skyler or Hank will find out about Walt in season 3. If it’s Skyler, we’ll have a storyline of her being torn whether to turn Walt in or not. If it’s Hank… I think it’ll culminate in Hank dying.
  • What ever happened to the storyline of Marie shoplifting…? It vanished! I was expecting more consequences from it, and I love Marie, so I’m hoping she gets more screentime in Season 3.
  • I have a suspicion Jesse is going to start to want to distance himself from Walt. If this doesn’t happen in Season 3, I can see it happening in the future. I don’t think Jesse is as ‘bad’ as Walt is and he’s going to realise that eventually.

Dying to know what other people thought of the plane crash twist. Let me know! You can catch up on my thoughts on Season 1 here. On to Season 3!

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