His Dark Materials Episode Six – Don’t Mess With Serafina Pekkala

What a fantastic episode this was! We finally got to see why Serafina was hyped up for so long, Roger managed to act his ass off and actually succeeded, and all those creepy scientists got what was coming to them – maybe a little bit TOO easily if anything. 

I finished episode six feeling far better about the series than I did after watching episode five. Little things like seeing the doctors grab Pan to stop Lyra from escaping really highlighted the human/daemon connection, and it’s stuff like this we needed more of earlier on. The one area His Dark Materials has really struggled with has been making the importance of daemons obvious to new viewers, and it’s scenes like this that show how CLOSE they are to getting it right. This series has certainly had its highs and lows, but overall I’m feeling hopeful they can listen to feedback and improve upon these foundations season 1 is laying. 

I’ll echo what I’ve seen many other people say about episode six – what was the point in that Will scene? Why bother taking us out of such emotionally charged scenes at Bolvanger just to show us Will for a few minutes before putting us back into the action again? All it did was interrupt the pace of the episode, with no real purpose. Weird decision. 

Ruth Wilson continues to be the highlight of this season, she completely steals every scene she is in and I honestly don’t think this show would be what it is without her. Awkward moment of the week goes to Mrs Coulter promising none of her friends would get hurt, to which Lyra instantly replies that Billy Costa is already dead.


Mrs Coulter’s face when Lyra tells her Billy is dead

She recovered nicely from that awkward moment, however, by giving me my favourite TV Scream Of 2019and landing like bloody Wonder Woman when she came out of that vent. Yes Mrs Coulter, you keep on doing you.

There were times again during this episode that I felt it became too obvious that this is a book adaptation. Some moments in Bolvanger, particularly of Lyra talking to the other children, felt like they were being glossed over quickly so we could focus on getting to the action. Which is completely fine, I know they’ve got a lot of the book to get through – but I did catch myself thinking they could have done this arc even more justice if they’d had a longer season and been able to devote two episodes to Bolvanger.

Side-note: Anyone else think the kids were dressed like they were auditioning for The Handmaid’s Tale when they got rescued?

How FANTASTIC were the visuals of the cliff ghasts? I think I mention the visuals in this show every single post I make but gosh, those cliff ghasts were just the right amount of creepy. Although did they make anyone else think of Mr. Burns flying monkeys…

flying monkeys

The hot air balloon scene in general was great, but can we please acknowledge the comedy timing of Lee Scoresby swearing to protect Lyra, only to let her get flung off the side of the balloon three minutes later. Nice effort Lee pal. 

Tonight’s episode was easily my favourite so far, and I could pretty much watch that scene of Serafina apparating all over the place and wrecking everyone’s shit over and over and over. All book readers know exactly what is coming up next week – I can’t wait for the armoured bears to take center stage! I think it’s very possible for next week to be a highlight of the season, but only time will tell.

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