I Want To Read More – A Challenge

I like to think I like to read. But I’m one of those people who says, ‘I love to read!’ and the only thing I read besides the Internet is the takeaway menu. Unfortunately there’s no exciting character progression between the chicken chow mein and the £5.99 price tag. No plot twists aside from the total cost. I want to read stories, and I’m hoping this blog is going to help me do it.

I know so little about so many of the ‘Classics’, I must be missing out on some amazing books, surely? I know bare bones about things like The Shining, Lord of the Flies, even Twilight. Not that Twilight is a classic, but it was a big part of pop culture and the teenage girl in me likes the thought of finally knowing if I am Team Edward or Team Jacob. I realised I haven’t read very much at all and, at the same time, I realised I wished I wrote more, too.

So, I decided to make myself a public challenge: Read more, and write about what I read.

I’ll be knocking out two birds with one stone! Bish bash bosh, how hard can it be? Hopefully this isn’t the part where I give up after reading the first ten pages of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Where to start, though, when you’ve decided to try to read some of the most popular stories out there? The choice was actually easy. Growing up, one famous series in particular pretty much passed me by. The only books I actively got hooked on were the His Dark Materials novels by Phillip Pullman, which meant that while everyone else and their Mum’s were wondering what would become of a boy wizard, I was much more concerned with Lyra getting away from that bitch Mrs Coulter. His Dark Materials was awesome, and the books had my imagination running wild, and they still pop in to my head now and again, and I miss that feeling of getting completely invested in a work of fiction.

So now I figure, I like fantasy. Millions of people love this story already. I want to begin with something that I’m assuming won’t be too heavy at first. The Harry Potter series seems perfect! So I’m going to read it, and I’m going to write about it, and I might even buy myself a cheeky wand if it goes really well.

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